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Because not everyone has had an experience of working with an interior designer, we explain the typical flow of the Design Process. Depending whether it is a Residential or Commercial project the process will be tailored to ensure we maximise time and budget efficiency. 

See how this process works in our new E-Design Service


Every Residential project starts with a thorough understanding of our clients' aspirations,  personality and lifestyle, whilst in case of Commercial projects - understanding the essence of the business and its target clientele. During the initial meeting we discuss client's objectives and use our experience and knowledge to assess and advise the design direction, practical feasibility of any spatial reconfiguration, and budget optimisation to ensure the most satisfying outcome. 

Based on the assessment we will then prepare a Project Briefing and once approved conduct a Site Visit and prepare Feasibility Study of the site.




 With the client’s brief and design direction agreed,  we define the key elements of design scheme, draft initial spatial reconfiguration & furniture layout plans and if the project requires planning permission or landscape design, we bring our architects and garden designers into the creative collaborative team to ensure the cohesion of design inside and out.    


At this stage we provide Clients with a secure online access to the Project Portal where  we all documentation for this stage, such as Concept Boards featuring initial material samples, Floor Plans and initial FF&E Schedule can be viewed and commented on. 


Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 14.15.00.png
Rendered Floorplan.png

At this stage we refine the design scheme creating the final vision adjusting Floor Plans to feature final FF&E selection and often provide a 3D rendered visual or on request a photorealistic visualisation. This will be accompanied by detailed Sample Boards with swatches of final materials and revised FF&E Budget, with final options for client to choose from and quotes obtained for bespoke designs from our suppliers. 





Almost all of our project involve bespoke furniture, fittings, window treatments, flooring and accessories.

Careful consideration is given to client's existing possessions so that they are integrated in designs. Working drawings and furniture specifications are produced and design team liaises with carefully selected manufacturers and craftsmen in order to finalise technical solutions, surface finishing and establish delivery schedules. Resulting Furniture Design Schedules form the basis for quotations and procurement.




Thanks to our relationships directly with  hand picked manufacturers in Europe and UK we are able to ensure the best value for money but never compromising on quality. Bearing in mind our client's budgets, we always provide different price level options, thus enabling our clients to prioritise their spend, but we also advise what items will ultimately add value to their property. 


Project Management.jpg

At Atelier Tymovski we continually monitor work of all of contractors and installers to ensure that each delivers to their optimal ability and highest quality. Our Project Management methods enable us to foresee most of the issues before they happen and build in contingencies, thus giving our clients a realistic and up to date picture of progress and close monitoring of budgetary spend.







At Atelier Tymovski we believe in a total approach, therefore regardless whether it is a residential or commercial project we can provide a turn-key solution, right up to fitting artwork, positioning accessories to achieve the most spectacular finished effect, yet without that 'over-styled' show home look. We always strive to accentuate client's individual personality & taste, carefully incorporating client's own possessions within the styling scheme.

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