Meet The Designer

Tamara Tymovski

Tamara’s approach to design has been largely shaped by her former career in fashion, love of movies and her passion for travel and art. The confident mix of colours, patterns, textures and styles from different decades results in interiors that are eclectic, exuberant and quite glamorous, yet relaxing and above all, very comfortable. 


'The starting point in all my designs is first to think how I want

people to feel when they step inside. Whether it is a residential home,

I am working on, restaurant, holiday let or a boutique hotel, the overarching aim is to inspire happiness and celebrate individuality.

I approach every project as if I was directing a new movie and the client is the lead character.'

Tamara, Director

Neon Lights

Hence Tamara's portfolio is as eclectic as her style and shows her ability to adapt design vision to her clients’ personalities as well as aesthetic and practical needs. Over the years Tamara has delivered projects ranging from high end luxury residences, local restaurants, to an award-winning hotel in Sri Lanka.