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Unwind & Relax - Holiday Let

Scandi Chic


Photography: Alfredo Ezquerra Sanchez
Project Status: Complete
Design Challenge:

We took on this newly refurbished studio flat in South Kensington to turn it into a boutique holiday let. This modern apartment with abundance of wood, clean lines and exposed brick white walls  was a perfect canvas to work on. However, the scarcity of natural light with only window overlooking an internal lightwell made it feel a bit claustrophobic and cold.

Design Solution:
Faced with this challenge we decided to create a very warm Hygge inspired interior design scheme, packed with tactile natural textures in quite a monochromatic colour palette, punctuated by greenery and warm brassy tones. The icy blue oversized sofa that was dominating the main living area is now a place to cuddle up with chunky blanket and plentiful huggable cushions. 
What gave the apartment the ultimate uplift is the vertical garden wall facing the window. With mock window mirrors peeking from behind rich foliage we have created an illusion of a secret garden as if one has descended down the rabbit hole into this relaxing, cosy den. 
Interior Decoration & Landscape Design - SW7
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