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Atelier Tymovski is a multi-disciplinary interior architecture and design practice providing complete range of services to high-end residential sector, including architectural interior design, interior decoration, and bespoke furniture, landscape architecture and art consultancy.

At our design practice we have a deep understanding of the profound impact that our surroundings have on our emotions and a sense of wellbeing. Our mission is to create visionary, uplifting and highly individualistic spaces that exude sense of luxury and comfort with a decidedly feel good factor.

Founded in 2009 by Tamara Tymovski our studio's ethos is driven by pursuit of perfection and achieving luxury and quality regardless of the budget involved.

Our dedication to quality means that we manage projects from design concept to completion, overseeing every aspect of the process in-house.

Over several years we have built a strong network of relationships with some of the best master craftsmen and manufacturers from around the world and thus we are now able to bring even the most challenging designs to life, inside and out.


At Atelier Tymovski pursuit of perfection is what drives our approach to each project. We believe that best results are achieved when we manage every aspect of the project, from design concept to completion.

Strong relationships built over the years with highly skilled architects, landscape designers, art consultants, building and decorating contractors, as well as master craftsmen and manufacturers from around the world, is what enables us to offer our clients a complete solution.


First step we take in the design process is understanding the configuration of the existing space and look at the ways we can unlock property's potential and add value. Before we commence with selecting colours, finishes and furniture we will discuss with our clients various options to optimize and adapt interior architecture to suit our client's needs. Sometimes even a simple repositioning of the room entrance can dramatically improve the overall feel of the entire space and provide additional room layout options.


Art plays a key role in interior design. We have a strong relationship with world-class art consultants who will source unique pieces often directly from established as well as emerging artists, from around the world. Thanks to their expertise our clients will also be advised on the potential resale value of the piece, to ensure it is a solid investment apart from the aesthetic attributes it will add to the interior.


From concept to completion, we manage our design projects, ensuring that the vision is executed efficiently, with an utmost attention to detail and within the agreed budget. Our simple yet comprehensive project documentation updated throughout the project duration allows our clients to stay in control of the progress and budget from the beginning to the end.


Where the project may require and the property may benefit from major structural changes, we work with some of the most talented and highly-skilled Architects, providing our clients with full service, from planning application to a complete implementation.


Vision is nothing if not executed to perfection, that is why we work only with highest quality British and international craftsmen and top end manufacturers, who are capable of delivering our unique designs.


More often than not we are asked by our clients to include gardens and patios in the design scheme, so that the outside blends in with the interior style. From modern urban oasis to a swanky rooftop garden, our affiliated landscape designers have a wealth of experience to turn even the wildest ideas into reality.



Having juggled a career in Project Management in Investment Banking with property development for many years, Tamara finally gave in to her passion for interiors and in 2008 left the City for good. After studying Interior and Spatial design at the Chelsea College of Art, she went on to work for a noted designer, Elaine Williams of Interior Couture and Stephen Ryan Design, after which she set up her own practice in West London where she works alongside AMBS Architecture Studio.

Tamara has a diverse portfolio of high-end residential and hospitality projects stretching from UK to Asia under her belt.

In her work Tamara draws a lot of inspiration from fashion, movies, and travels mixing new and old, sleek and opulent to a dramatic yet somehow chilled out effect. Her designs tend to be quite bold, daring and eclectic, yet interiors she creates evoke elegance, luxury and comfort.

In October 2018 Karolina Chojnowska has joined the team to help expand our hospitality design division. 








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