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​BRIEF: This basement flat on the SoHo / Fitzrovia borders was just like every developer's apartment. Neutral and characterless. We were asked to create a homely yet bold and graphic decorative scheme that would anchor our client’s growing art collection whilst reflecting our client's international lifestyle and her fascination with ancient China and Japan.

OUR VISION: Having eliminated any traces of beige, the transformation that followed resulted in a funky yet cosy and luxurious interior with a vibe of a happening pop up gallery in a SoHo members club, where walls and even furniture, like the Piet Mondrian inspired library, take on a life of an art piece. 
The master suite was quite a departure from the rest of the apartment. We aimed to create a sense of escape with a dark and sumptuous interior inspired by the fantasy scenes from ‘House of Flying Daggers’, whilst the tranquil patio filled with tactile bamboos and Japanese grasses, reflecting in mirrors set in rock wall and calm sound of water cascade, emanate an almost Zen-like ambience.

Photography: Jill Tate

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