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When Mark Milton, co-owner of the Depot Riverside Brasserie appointed Sybaris to just get some advice on a lick of paint and few new lights, little did he know what he was getting himself into. With our signature gusto we shook this gentle English soul right out of his comfort zone, unleashing a whole new look that injected a dash of trendy Hoxton into the sleepy idyll of riverside Barnes. Just as the trusty old wooden conservatory was ousted by the arrival of a modern anthracite aluminium & glass structure, out went the cosy blanket of earthy tones that wrapped this old Victorian stables interior for nearly a decade.
The new palette of Rubine Ashes, Kingfisher blues and metallic coppers with the dramatically different industrial style lighting scheme, initially sent Depot’s owners even further off kilter. But it was the ye olde English mustard of the Little Green Paint variety, that warmed hearts and minds of the owners and punters alike to this new look. Change needn’t be feared. Change is good, especially when it carries on the warm welcoming spirit, that this nearly 30 years-in-the-making Barnes institution, is known and much loved for.

Photography: Andrei Kertesz

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